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Able to design and produce Die Casting Mold, Plastic Injection Mold and Gravity Casting Mold.
Software: Pro / Engineer and Mold Analyzing software.
Fully equipped with ranges of workshop machines.

Working Process :

1: Inquiry 2: Feedback 3: Confirmation
Send us 2D or 3D drawings for quotation. Calculating the weight for the product and giving out the price for the
mold and products.
 Confirmation is made after receiving 50% of advance payment for the mold.
4: Group meeting 5: Mold Design 6: Analyzing
Analyzing the mold and giving out a production timeline. Designing the structure for the mold. It will take approximately 1-2 weeks. Analyzing the structure of the mold and technical requirements.
7: Purchasing 8: First CNC Machining 9: Surface Heat Treatment
Buying raw materials such as mold steel.Then we will inspect whether the materials are qualified using Bruker Q2 ION X-ray diffraction and elemental analysis equipment. First rough machining on mold steel and then inspection. Outsourcing services.
10: Second CNC Machining 11: WEDM 12: Electropulsing
The second time precision machining on mold steel and then inspection. Doing wire cut electrical discharge machining for the mold. Doing electropulsing.
13: Hand Polishing 14: Assembling the mold 15: Trial Run
Hand polishing for the mold to achieve better surface. Assembling the mold for trial run. Trial run on die casting or injection machines to test whether the mold is qualified.
16: Customer Feedback    
Sending some samples to you to check whether you are satisfied with the product.If everything is OK,we will begin production.Otherwise,we will make modifications for the mold until you are satisfied